David Gee:
orking in interim programme management, resource efficiency and waste strategy, decentralised energy and with SMEs and social enterprises.

During my career I’ve worked in both public and private sector organisations at director and chief executive level, and in several interim management roles.  I’ve also run my own business.   I now work mainly with public sector clients particularly on resource management strategy and major programmes developing infrastructure for waste management and district energy.  But I have a background in work with small business and social enterprises which is a differently rewarding challenge to my public sector work.   I get a great deal of satisfaction working with teams within organisations.  I’ve worked with public and private sector organisations in an interim management capacity to support, lead and direct them through major change.

In recent years I’ve built up considerable experience in resource efficiency programme management at a strategic level.  Working with local authorities and government agencies I’ve developed and implemented resource efficiency programmes, decentralised low carbon energy projects, and waste collection and treatment programmes. 

My experience includes:
  • programme and project management for major infrastructure
    • waste treatment 
    • district heating
  • development of resource efficiency programmes for central government
  • management of a low carbon energy project for local government 
  • directing and managing critical programmes and projects
  • major procurements including PFI
  • strategy development
  • business planning
  • research and drafting of funding bids
  • service development, management, and delivery

Please send me an email if you'd like to see a CV. 

During my career I’ve built up an effective network of very professional associates with expertise in a wide range of areas. This means I can put together a team, or supply an individual, with the right experience to meet your needs.

To get an important task done well, the chemistry between the interim manager and the organisation has to be spot on. To deliver real, lasting results, we will need to work with your organisation sensitively, building on strengths and supportively addressing weaknesses.  That way, you’ll continue to feel the benefits after we’ve left.

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